Chifeletti – Kipfel (Fried potato gnocchi)

ChifelettiFried potato gnocchi from the Italian region of Venezia Giulia served as a side dish for roasts.

This week’s Regional Italian dish will take us back to the region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Italy’s most North-Eastern region that borders with Austria and Slovenia.  As I have already said in my post about Maiale al Latte – Purcit tal Lat, it is a region that puts together the historically-geographical region of Friuli and that of Venezia Giulia, each with its own history and traditions.  And while Maiale al Latte was from Friuli, today’s recipe comes from Venezia Giulia, the area that borders with Slovenia.  This region has been a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire for many years and thus has many cultural and culinary similarities with the other regions and nations of the area, especially with Slovenia and IstriaChifeletti, also called chifel, Kipfel or kifelček, are fried potato dough crescents, typically served as a side dish to accompany roasts or meats with gravy.  The term “chifeletto” comes from the German word “Kipfel” which means “crescent”.  Try them with Friuli’s Maiale al latte and don’t forget to check out all the other Regional Italian recipes here!

Recipe adapted from

Ingredients (makes 30 chifeletti):
1 kg – 2.2 lbs potatoes
1 egg
¾ tsp salt
250 gms – 1 cup flour (to add little by little, you may require more or less depending on the potatoes you are using)

Halve the potatoes and cook them in salted boiling water until tender.

Put the flour on the benchtop.  Then put the warm boiled potatoes in a potato masher (there is no need to peel them as the skin will remain inside the masher) and squeeze them onto the flour.  Add the salt and mix well.  Then add the egg and keep kneading until you get a smooth dough.  You may have to add a little more flour.  The dough will be ready when it won’t stick to the surface anymore, but it is still soft and pliable.  This is the same dough to make potato gnocchi!

Roll the dough into ropes a little over 1 cm (1/2 inch) thick and cut them in pieces 8 cm (3 inches) long.  Then shape them like a crescent.

Deep fry them in warm vegetable oil, drain the excess oil on a piece of kitchen paper and serve hot with a sprinkle of salt on the top.

They make a great side dish for roasts!




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