The Salton Sea or what’s left of the dream… and the US Navy’s Blue Angels.

Words by Matt Willis

About four-hundred miles south of Death Valley and the high desert lies the Salton Sea basin, an area which I’ve become very familiar with over the years. Where the high deserts seem to be more grandiose in terms of beauty and natural phenomena, the lower desert is often considered dull and disgusting at first glance.

It is the starting point for much of the common produce you eat; the soil around the Salton Sea is some of the most fertile in southern California. Though the sea is naturally maintained, its creation was an accident. In the early 1900s, controlled canals were created in the Salton Sink to divert water into the valley. However, the silt from the river built up and began to block the canals. Engineers couldn’t control the problem; and after a heavy winter swell, a massive flood overran the canal system. The resulting…

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