Phillis is for February

Cigars and Cupcakes


I welcome thee February with your Aquarians, brisk weather, and Black history. Let’s quickly discuss one of my favorite figures from Black history, Phillis Wheatley. Phillis’ story was truly awful, in both senses of the word it was equal parts spectacular and inspiring as well as difficult and unfortunate. She was kidnapped from her home in either Senegal or Gambia at the age of 7, renamed after the slave ship that brought her to the shores of Boston, the promptly sold into slavery. The family that bought her, the Wheatleys, provided her with an education which sparked her love of writing poetry. She wrote many poems and even reached out to George Washington. Her letter caused such a paradigm shift for our dear first President that he offered to meet her in person. Offering to meet a slave women was a very strange gesture for a White man, let alone…

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  1. You are awesome, thanx for the repost!

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