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Fingerprint Clearance Card Unit


  • To effectively manage day-to-day Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS) operations, and continuously improve the system in support of the automated fingerprint Teen - Datingidentification needs of Arizona criminal justice agencies. To aid in the protection of at-risk citizens by collecting and analyzing criminal history background information to determine the suitability of applicants as required by state and federal laws.


  • The Fingerprint Identification Bureau, representing the AZAFIS System, provides ongoing management of the AZAFIS to ensure Clown 2 kidssystem service remains available to all authorized sites throughout the state, and monitors compliance of AZAFIS sites with state and federal laws and system policies and procedures. The bureau also processes arrest fingerprint records received from all Arizona law enforcement agencies in order to establish and maintain the Arizona central fingerprint repository. The bureau oversees training and teen4certification of AZAFIS workstation operators, and assists the AZAFIS Advisory Board by developing planning strategies for the most effective growth of the system. Additionally, the bureau processes criminal history background checks of applicants for authorized private and governmental entities.

Fingerprinting for Volunteering in Arizona

Obtaining your Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card requires two steps:

  • First, visit Arizona Livescan to have your fingerprints digitally collected using state-of-the-art Tea party maroonfingerprint technology. They will print your fingerprints to an FBI FD-258 card using an FBI certified printer and assist you in completing your application.

Fingerprinting fee is $20* (this includes any fingerprint cards, applications).kids heros

  • Next, submit your fingerprints, application, and required fee to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS). There, they will perform the background check and issue your Fingerprint Clearance Card.


What forms of payment are accepted?

  • DPS accepts Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders or a check drawn on a kid10business account. All forms of payment should be made payable to the AZ Department of Public Safety. State agencies may also elect to submit a State Companion Action Transfer form

Adult Volunteers (Background Check & Fingerprints required) $65.00