Culinary Classes

Adriatic Adventures – A Splash of Italian & Greek greek24 The “Mediterranean Diet” describes a delicious, health-promoting way of eating and drinking. For this reason the Mediterranean Diet is regularly described as the “gold standard for healthy eating”.  Deep rooted in tradition, the cuisines are simple and poor, yet unbelievably delicious. 
Cook’s Tour of Wine Countries  Wine Reduction Cooking with wine is a pleasure that can enhance any meal.  Wine can be used as a seasoning in marinades or vinaigrettes, as a braising liquid or for flavoring a finished dish.  So raise a glass to this low-fat, high-flavor ingredient. A wide variety of recipes from Spain, France and Italy will be prepared and tasted.
Cooking on Route 66  azindian29 From Chicago to Los Angles come taste the foods that made America’s Highway great!  The “mother road”, as Steinbeck called it, was dotted with culinary masterpieces   Beloved diners, hotel dining rooms and cafes of a by-gone era.  Lucky for us many of the original recipes remain and will be made to order and tasted for a true American Experience. 
Costa Rica – Simmering Sunshine Costa Rica food We all know Costa Rica is famous for its coffee but “Ticos” serve a series of mouth watering meals everyday.  The food is not spicy but simmered to blend flavors…and the secret ingredient is Salsa Lizano, a slightly sweet curry and vegetable sauce.  From the first time you taste Costa Rican cuisine you’ll know you want more. 
Crossroads of the Pacific – Hawaiian Feast    Pacific Rim food Today’s Hawaiian food is influenced by Filipino, Japanese,  Portuguese, Samoan, and Thai to name a few.  Fresh, healthy and wholesome foods make this island cuisine a melting pot of cultures and a feast to be tasted and remembered.
Cuisines of the World -Toasted! eggplant sandwich  Most sandwiches taste better toasted and when you toss in the world you’ll find a huge selection of easy to prepare toasted sandwiches and you don’t even have to bake the bread. Serve a Toasted English Muffin with Blueberries & Bacon for breakfast; a Mozzarella-broiled Panini with Chile-Spiked Shrimp & Olives for brunch; Greek Salad Crostini or Crab Cake Toast for dinner.  No one will know how easy it was, but they will know it’s delicious. 
Diabetic Cuisine – Never Exchange Flavor  diabetic food Dealing with Type 2 Diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the foods you love; you just need to be smarter about them.  This class will address Starch, Fruit and Dairy Exchange tips and Sugar Substitutes.  And be sure to plan your meals today so you can enjoy a Rosemary Potato Frittata, Tex-Mex Sloppy Joes, Tuscan Bean Soup with Spinach and Country Pear Tart. 
EATiQuette Workshop –  Part 1  etiquette EATiQuette Luncheon –  Part 2etiquette - silver   Our day starts at 10 am when David Rothschild presents a 60- minute workshop on the basics of dining etiquette for all social and business situations because dining properly is one of the most important life skills you can learn.  This is no prissy, pinky-pointing guide to etiquette. Instead, it’s a user-friendly lesson geared toward contemporary dining.  David is captivating and very entertaining. Guest Instructor:    David Rothschild of EATiQuette Our etiquette journey continues with a 3-course gourmet luncheon prepared and served by the professional staff at various fine restaurants in the Southeast Valley.  Meal includes soup, chicken entrée, vegetable, pasta, dessert and beverage.  Transportation on your own.Guest Instructors:    David & Barbara Rothschild of EATiQuette
Emerald Isles Shine  – Irish Cuisine  irish8 Irish cuisine is more than just an Irish Stew these days…in fact “bland” Irish foods are no more!  As the luck of the Irish would have it – fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, beef, lamb and dairy products are abundant in Ireland.  So help yourself to a feast fit for a new generation of Irishmen.
Game Day Experience tailgate9  The gridiron is about to heat up so whether you cheer on your team at home or at a tailgating party the food has to be bold and spicy.  After all it charges you up for the game.  Chili, wings, finger foods and more will be fixed and served in class.  So liven up your next game with this tasty collection of recipes.
Glorious Endeavor  – Country French  French Did you ever wonder why French foods are so wonderful?  Its farmhouse home-cooking at its very best; a hint of garlic and the scent of sun-drenched countryside, where rosemary, lavender and thyme grow wild right outside your door.   France is a fairytale land of regional villages, markets and vineyards, from Alsace to Provence the cuisine a journey for food lovers. 
Glorious Endeavor  – French Crepes  crepe Crepes are the perfect make ahead; have on hand, aromatic butter-browned discs with a myriad of serving possibilities.  Savory or sweet crepes star when it comes to versatility.  Crepes are the good cook’s best ally and are ideal to serve around the clock. May our menu bring pleasure to your table.
Heart Healthy Meals  heart healthy food Craft meals that appeal to your senses…rich in colorful vegetables and fruits, fiber, lean meat, fish and dairy products. It’s true you can enjoy flavorful meals and still manage your cholesterol.  These contemporary recipes deliver scrumptious meals packed full of nutrition.  A wide variety of healthy meal choices will be prepared and tasted.
Howling Halloween Fun  halloween21 If you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween party this year these fun and sometimes disgusting recipes will leave kids and adults screaming with delight.  Of course, our macabre recipes taste delicious, no matter how gross they look.  Taste them in class if you dare.
It’s a dip.  It’s dinner.  It’s dessert – It’s Fondue  Fondue The Swiss have long had a way with cheese and the French with cooking techniques…and so be it, fondue was born.  So instead of serving the same old party fare bring your party to life with fondue.  It’s definitely easy and is both a meal and a social event.  We’ll fix dipping and cooking fondues and we’ll sure taste the fun of fondue.
Kaleidoscope of Cultures  –  Eastern European  polish2 This rich culinary stew blends hearty peasant dishes of dumplings with stylish gourmet offering.  Food is not just nourishment; it’s a cause for celebration in Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Czech and Slovak republics.   Comfort foods like grandma made will be prepared and enjoyed.
Kid’s Cook a Family Dinner  Kids Cook - foodGrilled Meatballs with Yogurt Sauce and Onion Salad Turn the tables on the “Hey Mom, what’s for dinner” question and let the kids prepare a complete family meal every day this week.  Yes, that’s right, it’s an educational opportunity in the making and your kids can show you how talented and smart they really are.  Featured Menus include:  Mediterranean Bounty – Sun Drenched Greece The Whole Enchilada – A Glimpse at Mexican CuisineThe Asian Collection – Chinese CuisineGlorious Endeavor – Country French  Mediterranean Bounty – Under the Tuscan Sun  
Mediterranean Bounty  – Spanish Tapas  spanish tapas3 Spanish cooking relies strongly on olive oil and garlic like most Mediterranean cooking. This class focuses on Tapas – small morsels that play a major role in the Spanish lifestyle.   These tasty plates have never been more popular!  Share the joy and the sensational tastes of the Mediterranean.
Mediterranean Bounty  – Sun Drenched Greece  greek20 The cobalt blue water, crisp whitewashed homes, a soft breeze and a leisurely Greek meal, these people know how to live!  Step into the healthy and delicious world of Greek food. The simple beauty of food unfolds as we match the imagery with ingredients to please both the eye and the taste buds.
Mediterranean Bounty  – Under the Tuscan Sun   italy14 Italians enjoy a slower place of living.  Cooking is never a chore but a skill to be learned, an art to be practiced and above all enjoyed. So, vacation with us today as we explore the warmth and beauty of simple Italian cuisine. 
Memories of Cuba – Hot, Hot, Hot!  Food - Cuban Sandwich Spanish, African and Caribbean fuse nicely into a cuisine we now call Cuban. Today’s version has less fat, salt and sugar, so it’s healthier but still retains all the complex flavors.  The dishes are spicy and robust or rich and sweet and use readily available ingredients.  A wide variety of foods will be prepared and tasted.
Mother’s Love  – Jewish Cuisine jewish food  A great bowl of Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls might be the first thing you think of when hear the term Jewish food…but Jewish Cuisine is much more varied than that.  In fact, we’ve got a whole world to explore.
Mouthwatering and Healthy  – Indian Cuisine Indian Food At the very least many Indian meals include rice, flatbread, meat, vegetable, lentil dish, a salad, yogurt and pickles.   So you better come hungry!  In the end the main ingredient to have on hand is love, enjoyment and passion for food, cooking and eating.  So join us with confidence and you will enjoy an Indian meal.
Thanksgiving 101  Food - Thanksgiving Cooks often look at making a Thanksgiving meal with a good bit of trepidation!  It no wonder this treasured holiday meal is the centerpiece of a family tradition.  Learn the tips and tricks and be the cook who gets all that delicious food on the table at the same time and remember an organized cook is a happy cook.    Turkey, stuffing and sides will be prepared and tasted.
The Asian Collection  – Chinese Cuisine  Chinese hamburger - food Take a wok on the wild side.  Sorry for the pun, but not so long ago Chinese cuisine seemed mysterious and impenetrable.  The Chinese have developed a way of eating that is extraordinary wholesome and nutritious.  In fact, a traditionally prepared Chinese menu is a balanced meal with low cost, few calories and little cholesterol.  So grab your chopsticks and enjoy our delicious menu.
The Asian Collection  – Thai Cuisine  Restaurant Thai Shrimp Indian spices greatly influence Thai cuisine as is apparent in the famous green, red and yellow curries of Thailand.  Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia surround Thailand and their enormous influences unite to produce the intricate taste of present day Thai cuisine making it one of the most popular in the world.  So keep the “god of rice” happy and dig into our feast.
The Asian Collection – Japanese Cuisine  Japanese food 2 The words simplicity and sophistication define Japanese cooking
best.  There are no complex sauces to distract from the key ingredients and those perfect ingredients are exquisitely prepared. Japanese cuisine is the most Westernize of the Asian Collection; however rice, tofu, seafood, vegetables, meat and noodles remain as the most important ingredients today. 
The Foods of Italy & Olive Mill Tour Part 1  olive millThe Foods of Italy & Olive Mill Tour Part 2 italian - food   Our day starts with a tour of the Queen Creek Olive Mill, olive tasting bar, shopping and lunch at the Mill’s Tuscan-inspired eatery.  Transportation on your own. Our culinary journey continues in the kitchen to discover why one of the greatest prides of the Italians is their food. Regional dishes will be explored, prepared and enjoyed.
The French Quarter  new orleans9 Food lovers really love New Orleans where chefs are celebrities and their dishes works of art to be revered.  With so many flavors to savor and Cajun and Creole dishes around every turn, isn’t it time you learn to make a roux?  So prepare your palate for the taste of New Orleans’ French Quarter and have some fun in the kitchen.
The Recipe for Success – Kids can Cook Too!Age: 8 to 12 years  Annabelle - Flag Toast This class mixes a cup of kitchen science, a tablespoon of culinary math, a pinch of health and nutrition and a gallon of good times.  It’s so much fun they’ll never know they are learning valuable skills.  Isn’t it nice to know they can fix a quick breakfast or snack after-school, before the game or just about any time?  Our Breakfast Happiness and Healthy Snack Attack menus include: Breakfast Banana Split, Stars and Stripes Toast, Cinnamon Bunnies, Hummus, Peanut Butter Bees, Puffy Pups and a homework assignment to make Sugar Diamonds. 
The Recipe for Success – Kids Cook ItalianAge: 8 to 12 years  Italian - food kids 2 This action-packed class is sure to spark your child’s curiosity and teach responsible cooking habits too!   We are chock-full of interesting information about aromatic herbs, tomatoes, pastas, fresh vegetables, sauces and olive oils from all regions of Italy.  Our fun filled menu will feature Stromboli, Easy Lasagna, Cannoli and loads more.  This is not required reading but both you and your young culinary star may enjoy the book “Death by Eggplant” by Susan Heber O’Keefe.
The Whole Enchilada  – A Glimpse at Mexican Cuisine mex5 The history of Mexico is reflected in its food.  Corn, chilies, tomatoes, beans and squash from the Aztec and Mayan Indians, olives, rice, wine, beef and pork from the conquering Spanish and cooking techniques from its brief French rule.  Mexican food is bursting with color and excitement. 
Leaning Tower of Pisa(zza) BG - Grilled shrimp pizza While Italy maybe the birthplace of today’s pizza, ancient Greeks and Romans served unleavened bread topped with flavors before baking too.  And just as the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a work of art performed in three stages, so is pizza!  First we’ll explore the crust, second the sauce and third the topping…as we travel the world in search of great pizzas!