Service Network

The Town & Country Community Service Network* programs are support and educational driven; they assists residents with a wide variety of networks catering to both health & wellness and social projects. The networks are facilitated by board members and serves residents of Gilbert, Chandler & Queen Creek, AZ.

Individuals may join and work with a network(s) that interest you, your financial commitment is just $100.00** for a full year board membership.

High school seniors and those under age 26, may join as associate members for a financial commitment of $25.00** for a full year volunteer membership.

Businesses may join as professional members, your financial commitment is $250.00** for a full year board membership.

*A Division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC

**Event/Supply Fees may apply.

 1st Responders Auxiliary

1st Responders - Gilbert Police

Allergy Patch Partnership

Allergies - treatments

Ambassador’s Alliance

BG - ambassadors

Apple & Eve Health Coalition


Dinner with the Docs

BG - Dining

Grill the Board of Directors Alliance


Letters from Santa

Santa with quill pen

Life Line Alliance

BG - Nurse

Queen for a Day Partnership

Queen - camera

SEV Public Market Project

Market - Buffalo

SEV Winter Visitors Association

Winter Visitors golf

The 95% Collation

Job Search - hire me


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