About Us

Star - danceBorn in 2001 Skipping Stars Productions LLC began as a community development operation serving HOA’s and 55+ communities in Apache Junction, Mesa and Chandler, AZ.  Over the years we’ve expanded our business to offer event planning, fundraising and public relations, but have limited our services to individuals, communities and nonprofits through the Town & Country Lifelong Learners program serving Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, Arizona.

We offer a full range of event services, including:
Event Planning
Public / Media Relations
Slice of Life Creative

Skipping Stars Productions has organized a wide variety of events including:
Community festivals
Educational classes
Travel shows
Social clubs
Sports leagues
Fitness classes
Food Shows

Our hands-on event planning is tailored to the individual needs of each client including:
Event Budget
Permits & Licenses
Theme Activities
Volunteer Coordination
Silent Auctions
Cost Cutting


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