Skipping Stars Restaurant Reviews

food-swedish-stew-skomakarlada-at-beaverchoiceAt Skipping Stars Restaurant Reviews we write about our positive restaurant experiences in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek  and around Arizona, but we skip the stars.  Why?  Because every restaurant can experience a “bad day”.  Product didn’t arrive, the chef is sick, the freezer quit working.  You name it, it can happen.

When we have a bad experience we talk to the people who need to hear about the issues.  In other words we speak to the manager.  Skipping Stars Reviews will not put a negative review on our blog, in print or on the air, because we know people generally remember only the negative points.That bad review can literally put a restaurant out of business.  And let’s face facts here; the restaurant owners don’t invest in their restaurants to provide a bad experience now do they.